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Your profile Not decided on starting own. Open for leadership jobs in start ups and other good openings in companies. Decided to start a business or already working on idea or want us to suggest good franchising or business options. Interested in refining the investor deck (business plan, ppt, pitch) and also circulate among potential investors. Have a promising idea. Don’t require guidance. Just wanting us to recommend if we can explore seed / early stage investments
Service Benefit Zara Advisory guides you holistically, if at all you should, how soon, and how if, you want to start on your own. Zara Advisory helps prepare an investor presentation, pitch deck and also circulates one teaser campaign among its pool of investors and depending on interest, help organize such investor meeting Seed funding / early stage investment evaluation. Evaluation to offer technology, admin, HR, marketing, advertising and other support as part of Zara Accelerator program
Additional Benefits: RC6800 (Click here to know product benefits or send sms:_____) Zara Mentor. (Click here to know product benefits or send sms:_____)