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Associating yourself with this event gives you access to other buddying companies across the world, including in India, which can help you (1) market your product / service world over and/or (2) build profitable franchisee business in India. This unique business networking platform enables you to network and also evaluate profitable leadership, technology and finance opportunities.

Who should attend

Small & Medium Enterprises based in India and any part of world interested in business development. Ideal for manufacturing companies including automobile, auto component manufacturers, auto financiers, medical electronics makers, etc. Larger companies looking for brand building or stakeholder engagement. Please also write to us for any sponsorship or speaker opportunity or any customized request / proposal.



We have 3 options: (1) Registration is free of cost. You get access to our newsletter and updates from our partner community on offers and opportunities. (2) Upon payment of Rs 2,500 we help you do Public Relations through combination of print, online and name mentions (3) Payment of Rs 10,000 gives you an opportunity to actually and physically be present in our gala event having 3 concurrent sessions on Leadership, Finance & Technology going. It gives you best business networking opportunity.


Why to attend

Like we invest in marketing & advertising for our products & services, businesses also need to build their own brands of businesses or of founders. Presence in such events gives visibility, perspective besides tremendous networking opportunity for learning & sharing. Fees of Rs 2,500 or Rs 10,000 is very small amount as compared to your marketing budgets. Our fees are not meant to earn, but it actually goes in organizing for such platform for collective benefit. We thus invite and appreciate firms & individuals coming forward to lead any of sub activities / initiatives.


Benefits of SME Awards 2017

Free Loyalty Card with 5000 points

Free Loyalty Card with 5000 points

All members get a membership card in the form of pre-paid cash card / Loyalty Card with free gifts points equivalent to Rs 5000 topped up to start with. There are no joining fees or no annual charges. It is completely free designed to encourage participating SME’s to offer points which the members can redeem for cash or kind on their platforms.

Rs 5,000 free top up
Resume Clip and YourPA

Resume Clip and YourPA

www.Resume-Clip.com is India’s first video resume job site. Members get one full year free employer account which can significantly save on their recruiting costs and time by doing first interviews by browsing candidates video resumes. www.YourPA.in is corporate concierge accessible online, mobile app, phone etc, for all shared services such as admin, HR, IT, accounting, taxation, and misc concierge. All members also get first three months free trial service to test out.

Zara Advisory

Zara Advisory

The core service of Zara Advisory is SME Advisory and business consulting. Our association with Care Ratings Ltd and our reach with leading SME partners for finance, technology and leadership / process advisory gives us unique edge to keep abrest with trends, best practices and networking knowledge. Our dedicated Franchisee Development service helps brands / franchisors find serious franchisees / channel partners / distributors in India. We also help them in exploring international markets.

Free Franchisee Consulting

Why Us?

  • We give. We don’t take!

    Our philosophy has always been to offer value to our partners & associates. Be it Rs 5000 free top up or 1 year free from Resume Clip or 3 months free from YourPA, we have many such offers from our distinguished partners.

    Rs zero membership fees

    Membership offers are Rs ZERO, Rs 2500 (only for PR) and Rs 10,000 (only if you want to attend the gala evening). We circulate the costing with our members for building transparency. Any excess funds if any, if donated to Road Safety Partnership (an NGO) with equivalent IT receipts.

    PeN Chat Community

    Join us for Free PeN Chat (whatsapp with unlimited users) community with features of skype, etc. We are thus available real time on mobile big group with moderator.

    Professional Team

    We are professionals who value integrity, business ethics and are committed for transparency. We believe in extending value and cherish mutually beneficial partnerships for long term

    Income Tax Savings

    If you choose to donate to our flag ship Road Safety Partnership – a Not for Profit initiative, you not only help promote Road Safety but also get receipt for claiming tax deduction and also a complimentary invite to attend our networking event.

    Suggestions & Feedback

    We are open 24x7 for feedback & suggestions. We appreciate and welcome people & firms coming forward and leading our sub groups & initiatives.

    • BEST DEAL:

      Donate min Rs 15,000 and you get everything we have to offer. (a) IT rebate (b) membership with PR and event invite (c) Rs 5000 credit in loyalty card (d) 1 yr free from Resume Clip (e.) 3 months free from YourPA (f) Free franchisee consulting from Zara Advisory

    • Awards Venue:

      The SME Business Leadership Awards 2017 will be mostly held on 21st December 2017 in Mumbai or in Bangalore at a good venue such as Taj Lands End or Renaissance, Powai Mumbai. The finalized venue will be informed atleast 3 months in advance.

    • 100% REFUNDS policy

      As a special refund policy for SME Awards, we provide 100% refunds without single rupee deduction, for bookings made till 31 December 2016. The freebies are specially made available to encourage early bookings so that we get firm visibility to help organize the event better for maximum benefits for all members.