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Zara Advisory, as a start up accelerator, can provide seed capital / early stage capital and resources (network / infra / marketing / advertising / IT support) to students or youngsters having energy, ideas, bandwidth to experiment and wanting to start on their own..

How to enrol:

There are two ways. (a) Simply save & submit “Enrol Now” form. It is FREE. We revert back on every application with our comments (b) if you are serious and want our serious consideration; you can purchase any one from our 3 evaluation packs. (i) Exploratory (ii) Potential (iii) Promising. Go for Exploratory pack, if you want us to guide you holistically, if at all you should, how soon, and how if you want to start on your own. Purchase a Potential Packif you have already decided that you want to start and are looking for guidance on product Vs service, new idea Vs franchising, basic dos & don’ts recommendations, etc. Purchase a “Promising Pack”if you are working on pro type / your idea and would like us to help you evaluate your business and explore your idea from seed funding perspective.


Why 3 packs / our products:

Unlike other accelerators which are privy to close network, we proactively reach out to students in campuses to inspire them to try entrepreneurship. It costs us to find and evaluate promising youngsters on whom we can place our bets (seed capital!) on behalf of our pool of investors. Secondly, we have many exclusive master franchisee opportunities, exclusive distributors requirements, besides wanting army of leaders and executioners for our investee start ups who can work out at promising profiles on ESOP+ models and may be even as co-founders. Hence we properly evaluate candidate profile and recommend best option that is beneficial to him/her.



Fees for Exploratory pack is Rs 6,800 and is paid to www.Resume-Clip.com which also gives RC6800 product along with Exploratory service from Zara Advisory. Fees for Potential Pack is Rs 10,000 where Zara Advisory assigns a mentor and helps in preparing a business plan on viability of idea. Zara Advisory helps prepare an investor presentation and pitch and also circulates one teaser campaign among its pool of investors and depending on interest, helps liaise such investor meeting. Fees for Promising Pack is Rs 500, as we ourselves reach out and explore to evaluate areas of mutual interest / seed funding options.


Value Proposition – Accelerator Program:

Wanted - CEO / VP for START Ups & more

RC6800 ++ product

Purchasing Exploratory Product from Zara Advisory gives more value than simple RC6800 product of Resume Clip. Now you can shoot your 2 minute professional video resume with focus on good start up jobs showing your enthusiasm, skills and passion for start ups. What more you also get free (a) DVD on Grooming, image management, etiquette, (b) a book on The Complete Interview Guide (c) scripting & video resume (d) free invitation for workshop related to above in metro / district city (e.) besides complimentary 3/6 months placement assistance from Zara Consultancy. (f) Zara Advisory guidance on if at all you should, how soon, and how if, you want to start on your own.

Complete investor deck...

Start up KIT

Zara Advisory helps prepare business plan, assumptions & scenario building, customized investor presentation, pitch deck and also circulates one teaser campaign to its relevant pool of investors and depending on interest, help organize such investor meeting. This Start up Kit also helps you in preparing marketing plans, arriving at cost structures and estimate on fund requirement. It can help you properly apply to Zara Advisory Accelerator program which can offer you its own advantages.

India’s best start up accelerator


Zara Advisory’s Accelerator and business incubation program is unique for start up. It holistically prepares Promising Start ups to lower costs as this Accelerator provides them IT & Tech support, HR, Admin, Secretarial, and other infrastructure support. It can also provide sales & marketing support. These are typically main costs in early stage ventures and Accelerator pays / provides for this. This allows start up to focus on core objective. What more, the fees to apply for this is Rs 500 and only serious start ups with complete investor decks are recommended to apply


Why Us?

  • Value for all

    People undecided may look at RC6800, people decided to build their own has Start Up Kit expert advantage and those in league can have a brilliant run with unique Accelerator program. For us and our partners too, its win win to pin point best bets.

    Advantage for big brands

    Repository for talent. Opportunity to get leaders for their segmental push. Also with SME advisory, its best of both worlds.

    Advantage SME

    SME looking for franchising, freelancing & outsourcing companies, scaling can be faster and cost effective.

    Advantage Investors

    Large pool of brilliant wannabe entrepreneurs gives access to executioners. Good number of interesting ventures gives wider choice for investments as per risk-return profiles. Opportunity to spread the basket and leverage on shared resources.

    Advantage candidates

    We don’t know your unique support needs. This platform gives you engagement opportunity with us, which helps both to understand requirements for best targeted boost to your aspirations.

    Value for money

    The fees start with Rs ZERO for enrolment, Rs 500 for Accelerator, Rs 6800 for Exploratory Pack and Rs 10,000 for Start up kit. Can pay in EMI and all possible payment options making it truly the best option available.

    • Join this program NOW

      This is fabulous opportunity and company reserves right to reject applications depending on quality and quantity of applications. Nevertheless, this is sincere attempt by Zara Advisory to promote entrepreneurship.

    • Refund Policy

      All fees are NON REFUNDABLE since the fees are astronomically low and company incurs time, efforts, cost in carefully scrutinizing applications.

    • Quality Policy

      Zara Advisory has sound quality policy and ensures the products from its partners are genuine, verified, complies to best quality before it associates with any brand / business.